CANX - HOG Chapter Ride - Alabama Dragon

Event date: 
Sun, 03/12/2023 - 9:30am to 3:00pm

THIS RIDE IS CANCELLED AND WILL BE RESCHEDULED!!  Due to projected weather (rain) and the twisty aspects of the roadways involved--we will not engage this ride for safety reasons. Please stay tuned for the reschedule date!


Come join RCs Will P. And Rich K. as they lead us on a ride on AL Hwy 25--the Alabama Dragon! 

Plan to meet/stage @ RHD @ 9:30am.  We'll go KSU @ 10:00 (Safety Brief at 9:45am)


We'll head down I65 and stop at the Warrior, AL exit for a fuel top-off.  We'll then head to the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for lunch.  Afterwards, we'll hit Buc'ees in Leeds (Fuel and pit-stop) (group consensus on fuel) then catch Hwy 25 between Leeds and Vincent.  

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AL Hwy 25 DISTANCE: 20 miles TIME: 30 mins

This is truly one of the best motorcycle roads in Alabama, and one of the most exciting as far as the challenge. There's fantastic scenery and beautiful views crossing over the mountain, as you ride with river canyon overlooks and giant rock formations off to the side. This route connects between AL-411 and AL-231 just east of Birmingham. Riders can expect great sweeping turns and some dramatic hairpin turns, especially around Thomson Gap and Coosa Mountain. The pavement is also in good condition overall. Hone your technical skills as you ride through central Alabama's rural areas. While there's something to be said about riding the entire 257-mile State Highway 25, this section between Leeds and Vincent is the most exhilarating section. Best of all, it's off-limits to commercial vehicles.

Return:  Hwy 231 to Hwy 67 to I-65 to RHD

Stop in Vincent AL  - break / stretch / rest (TBD Fueling center)
Stop In Oneonta AL - break / stretch / rest (TBD Fueling center)



Event location:
Highway 25 - Alabama Dragon
Leeds AL

Open Event: This event is open to Chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.  All riders and passengers must sign a release. 

Impairment Policy: The consumption and use of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety of family, riding friends, and the individual HOG member.  Alcohol consumption before or during a motorcycling activity is not safe, responsible behavior.  Redstone Chapter #4052 requests you “think before you drink” with the above in mind and refrain from consuming any number of impairment drinks that total more than the number of wheels you are on.  Riders whose skills are observed or suspected to be impaired by alcohol or drugs before riding cannot join the ride.

Photography Policy: Photographing, filming, recording and videotaping of activities and events will be occurring Redstone Chapter events. By entering the H.O.G.® event area, you irrevocably grant permission to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company® and its agents to photograph, film, record and/or videotape you and use (and authorize the use of) your name, image, likeness, voice, and/or biographical or other information in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed in perpetuity for any and all purposes.

Event Coordinator: 
Will P.
Historian / Road Captain