Give Us Your Website Feedback

Give Us Your Website Feedback

September, 18, 2022:

So, since we can now see the RSVPs and see who each attendee is, the questions remains: Do you know this guy?

Neither do I.  

I have been experimenting with the photo update process and have discovered that the cropping function on the web page is not the brightest.  Photos taken using various aspect ratios and phone positions result in a horizontal image of our muggs.  Most of us do not appear horizontally at meetings or on rides.  And, that is a good thing.

One would think that changing the aspect ratio to 1:1 before taking the photo would solve the problem.  In my experience that results in yet another horizontal image.  

I have found that if the photo to be used as the profile picture is cropped to be square, the orientation does not change when posted. 

The maximum size of the photo in your account page is 1024X1024.  I have found that cropping the photo to square sizes close to 1024x1024 pixels solves the orientation issue.  I have had success with both the photo editor (Photos) on my Andorid phone and the free Adobe photo editor online.  Even cropping to 1024X1024 in Windows paint program worked on an originally square picture.

Do remember that you must scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and hit the save button or all your hard work is for naught!  

Lets get rid of the Anonymous Rider.  Actually he is not a real rider, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Your Humble Webmaster,



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