Rider Information

Rider Information

Members:  This is a MUST READ!  This page contains info that anyone riding with our Chapter should know!  Being familiar with this information enhances not only your safety, but the safety of the entire group!  Please read on...

Lane Changing as a Formation

Changing lanes as a group in a coordinated fashion enhances the safety of the riders.  By everyone being familiar with and executing this procedure, confusion is greatly reduced with our riding formation and surrounding vehicles.  Please use the link below to familiarize yourself with the process.

Chapter Lane Change Process (Opens a New Tab). Note:  Be patient...it will progress slowly but surely.

Staggered Riding & Interval Spacing

We ride in a staggered formation (i.e. the bike #1 is always in left 1/3 of lane, bike #2 in the right 1/3 of lane, bike #3 in the left 1/3 of lane, and so on).  

Maintaining proper intervals between riders not only looks really cool, it discourages other traffic from breaking into the formation.

Proper spacing image

Hand Signals

Hand signals are the most common means of passing information to other members of the group.  All hand signals should be passed to the riders behind you. Not passing back hand signals can cause confusion and unsafe conditions for those riders behind you.

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