HOG Chapter Participation Info - Dues

Chapter Participation Info

Coming to your Chapter in 2024...Membership Dues for those lacking in Chapter participation!  

As a Chapter, we always look for ways to get better.  One avenue is through our involvement and interaction--based on 3 years of survey data--participation and fellowship leads the list in why many of us joined this Chapter when we did.  Yet some are never seen again after that initial motivating signup contact....wow!  What's up with that?  Wanna know what really is affected?...our mileage pursuit goals...it appears upward mileage trends are tied to presence with fellow Chapter members...imagine that :-).  As a result of seeking ways to encourage your participation, however--we've decided to let it be what it is.  BUT, it does come at a cost--to you if you decide not to support your Chapter as defined below.  

  • Chapter Members Participaing in a combination of 4 Chapter RIDES or 4 Chapter EVENTS = No Chapter 4052 Membership Dues
  • Chapter Members NOT Participating in a combination of 4 Chapter RIDES or 4 Chapter EVENTS = $35 Chapter 4052 Membership Dues (beginning in 2024)

Qualifying Chapter Rides:  Any ride labled, "HOG Chapter Ride", on the redstonehog.org website calendar.

Qualifying Chapter Events:  Any volunteer event labled, "HOG Chapter Volunteer Event - (name of event)", (i.e., Chapter Grill & Chills, Trail of Tears Parking, RHD support events, Poker Runs (volunteering at stops), etc.)  Note:  Qualifying events will also be properly annotated in the website event details with: "This is a Chapter Participation Event".

For the purpose of clarity, non-qualifying rides/events include: Self-Guided Rides, Poker Runs (riding in them aspect only), Hangin' @ Harley, Chapter Meetings, Meet & Eats, Member Appreciation events, and Thanksgiving or Christmas Party gathering events.